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How Chmurka saved my hamsters' lives... (true story) | by pyza*
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How Chmurka saved my hamsters' lives... (true story)

It happened over 6 months ago, on 30th april.


I took Chmurka outside.

She loved being outside, when it was sunny and warm. She used to run around in the grass even for 90 minutes nonstop.


But that day, Chmurka didn't want to have fun. She was sad and tired. It was very strange...

Even new unknown territories failed to excite her.


So I took her back home, much earlier than normally.

When we were opening the door, we felt a weird scent. Something burning...


Few seconds later, the flat was filling with smoke - outside there were people running and screaming..

My neighbour's apartment was on fire.


In total panic, we grabbed all our hamsters, hamsters and nothign else, and ran down the stairs outside..

Fire brigade arrived soon and they started to put the fire out.

There were big black clouds of smoke.

So much smoke that it could suffocate me, let alone my hamsters...


If we came a few minutes - or even moments - later, it would've been too late..

The fire brigade wouldn't have let me go inside the bulding...

I came home only because Chmurka wanted to go home.


I have no idea how Chmurka *knew*. Knew that something bad is going to happen.

Maybe it was just a coincidence?

But I think she just knew it... she always knew everything.


If, that day, Chmurka didn't want to go home...

All my hamsters would most probably die, suffocate with smoke.

No Pompon.

No Piórko.

No Bułeczka.


That thought is still total horror for me.

It was the most frightening terrible thing I ever experienced.

I waited a long time to tell you this story...

I waited for the right moment or something...


Today is 5 months without Chmurka, so..


*Thank You Princess Chmurka*


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Taken on April 30, 2008