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The Story of BALBINKA | by pyza*
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The Story of BALBINKA

Balbinka had a sad life.

She was some kids' pet at first. She lived with her sister. I guess she wasn't treated well. Because..

After some time, the kids got bored of Balbinka and her sister. So, the family gave them away to grandmother. Grandmother kept Balbinka and her sister together. She used to overfeed them. I imagine they had no exercise, I think they sat in the cage together all the time.

And then, grandmother got ill and went to hospital.

The family, instead of taking both piggies back home, wanted to get rid of them - so they took the piggies to the pet shop (the one where I get all my hamsters from). And left them there.

And that's where I saw Balbinka. She was sitting there so cute, sad and lonely.. because some kind person had bought her sister, without Balbinka.


I never had a guinea pig, and I never really planned getting one.

But when I saw Balbinka (I named her that, I didn't know her previous name) and when I learned her history, I just knew I had to adopt her.


Balbinka is 1.5 years old, still young. She's very gentle, placid and friendly. She *loves* sitting in my lap and being stroked :)

She doesn't like it when I put her on the floor. In the beginning, she was totally paralysed when I did it, and it seemed like she just didn't know how to walk.

So now it's like I'm teaching her how to walk.

Slowly she makes progress, but usually she runs back straight to her cage. I keep the doors to her cage open but she never even tried going out.


Guinea pigs are supposed to be noisy and squeak a lot, but Balbinka is extremely silent. She sometimes only kind of purrs when I stroke her.


She had a sad life.

ANd I don't know if she will ever be a normal, happy piggie, who gets excited when she sees me, who likes to explore, who squeaks a lot, who popcorns...


But I hope...


Any way, I already really love her :)

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Taken on November 3, 2008