Road Trip West
After a disastrous move to Florida, had to drive West to California.
It was nice to see the country again, I have driven it before. I wasn't into the pictures as much as I might have been, because of recovering from the disastrous part of the Florida move.

Towards the left side of the country I got into road trip mode. We had barbeque and Catfish, and waffles at Waffle House. Waffle House is a surprise in the country. Fresh eggs, good bacon, and a lot of choices on the menu.

We passed through Indian Nations and the washes and arroyos in the moonscape desert lands of the West.
It was very hot outside, all the way across.

We left Florida as a storm started, bought fresh Pecans in Georgia and saw fireflies in Alabama.
We stopped briefly in Memphis, and Oklahoma City. We had Native American Food at a cultural center in New Mexico. It was good to see hot sauce on the tables, and choose red or green sauce.

I drove across with my brother, and will be staying at my sister's house in the Valley. I feel like I am in California against my will, but will make the best of it.

I like a couple of the road pics.
Many were taken at 70+ mph out of the window of the rented truck.

A couple days later thinking what the heck I was taking pictures of on a drive across the whole nation, a drive across a continent.
Cars, signs, horses, and waffles. Same me. Different place. Got some donuts in there too.
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