St. Mary"s of the Angels Catholic Church

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    1850 North Hermitage Avenue in Chicago's Bucktown neighborhood, it is an example of the so-called 'Polish Cathedral style' of churches.
    It has been acclaimed as one of the finest specimens of Roman Renaissance architecture in the United States. The imposing brick edifice with its twin bell towers and magnificent dome was constructed at a cost of $400,000-a testament to the zeal of Father Gordon and to the generosity of the members of St. Mary of the Angels parish.
    In 1948, John A. Mallin decorated the interior of the church with ornate designs and paintings. The W. W. Kimball pipe organ was installed at a cost of $23,750. Its four manuals and 57 ranks equipped with theater stops make it practically one of its kind in the Archdiocese of Chicago. The cost of overhauling this organ in 1962 amounted to $15,000.
    St. Mary of the Angels Church was organized in 1899 by Rev. Vincent Barzynski, CR, pastor of St. Stanislaus Kostka Church, the oldest Polish parish in Chicago.

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    1. Greg's Southern Ontario 38 months ago | reply

      A real stand out of a church! the dome, interior must be amazing to see too

    2. Cragin Spring 38 months ago | reply

      The inside is a site to see. This is one of my favorites in Chicago.

    3. haven't the slightest 38 months ago | reply

      so much detail to keep me distracted! She's a beauty

    4. Itinerant Wanderer 38 months ago | reply

      Looks very impressive!

    5. bk bob 36 months ago | reply

      Father Gordon was my grandfathers uncle. He was the pastor at St.Stans before the Resurrectionist's put him in charge of starting St. Mary's parish.There were over 40,000 parishioners at St. Stans and they just couldn't handle that kind of volume.

    6. Cragin Spring 36 months ago | reply

      Thanks bk bob for sharing.40,000 parishioners, amazing.

    7. MadSam2011 33 months ago | reply

      Baptized their, my Grand parents were married there, parents, numerous family occassions, from the 1940's to the early 1990's, a classic Roman Catholic Church, beautiful architecture and statues not to mention the large Angels on the corners when you look up, alot of re-construction was needed to refurbish the dome, and each Angel, what began as a Polish established and trademarked Church, place for the neighborhood to celebrate their Catholic faith with each other,together. Went to the amazing Catholic school and graduated, heck I even used to attend the nursery school after class day care, because my parents BOTH WORKED, how else do you thing I received this Catholic education/upbringing, it was across the street from the Church, it was ran by the Sisters of the Ressurection, a BEAUTIFUL BUNCH OF LADIES, mean as you could imagine, but I must say made the best "home made" "real" tomato soup, each bowl had at least on huge tomato, on a cold day after an outside period playing with the white dogs which they had, about 5 they lived with the sisters in the Convent, God Bless all of them!!!

    8. Cragin Spring 33 months ago | reply

      Sam great interesting history you just told about this beautiful parish. I always loved driving by it as kid in the back seat while my Dad was driving on the Kennedy. I know he would talk about St. Marys and relatives who belonged there. But it was long ago and I can't remember his exact words.

    9. Woulda cloulda shoulda didn't 30 months ago | reply

      Nice shot & story. I frequent the Bucktown Pub across the street and always take a moment to look & reflect at the church on the way in and out.

    10. Cragin Spring 30 months ago | reply

      Thanks much Jim. I really like Bucktown and its history.

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