Touch of color...

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    ...amidst a world of black and white. I'd hoped to get a clear, frontal shot of the two women, but their almost floating away, traipsing through a shuffle of skirts, adds a rather surreal quality. Seoul. Korea.

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    1. [deleted] ages ago | reply

      I like this one very much. Did you use a mask for the two women to have their features sharpened against the blur of the rest of the picture? It’s really a great effect.

    2. chishikilauren ages ago | reply

      Indeed I did. I admit it...I'm a slave to photoshop.

    3. heatherbeewatts ages ago | reply

      I just thought they were magic and aren't allowed to be seen by normals so they stopped time and floated on by everyone and since chishikilauren is kinda magic she could capture them with her magic camera.(Only because she uses her powers for good and not evil.)
      Oh right, photoshop.

    4. chishikilauren ages ago | reply

      Headur, you know, it almost seems that way. The way their skirts billow with the glide of each step, such a surreal, quasi-magical feel. Though, I have to admit, my magical qualities faded long ago...but I still root for the good side.

    5. heatherbeewatts ages ago | reply

      I would like to see the original and a fuzzy black and white. Don't ask me why, I just would. It's an incredible capture to my mind.

    6. chishikilauren ages ago | reply

      Ha, Headur, your wish is my command. I'll post on Monday (your Sunday.) Right now, I'm off for the weekend. Ciao.

    7. heatherbeewatts ages ago | reply

      Go, be free...sounds like you got a life!

    8. Moshi Moshi ? [deleted] 117 months ago | reply

      very nice
      please consider posting some of your nice pictures to this new group I just created
      thank you

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