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Find a Steakhouse

Another one of my experiments with siri while in Las Vegas for PubCon 2011 was to see how good the function was for locating popular searches like steakhouses and nightclubs.


While standing directly in front of BOA Steakhouse inside the Caesars Palace Forum Shops I asked siri to "find a steakhouse."


Looking at the reply we can see siri found a number of steak restaurants nearby, 20 of them were listed as fairly close to me.


Unfortunately, BOA wasn't listed as one of the 20 results.


There are three steak restaurants inside the forum shops (BOA, Joe's and Palms), and only Joe's got listed.


A "steakhouse" search via Google maps returned all three, in positions A., B., and C.


Siri has a significant amount of improvements to be made.

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Uploaded on November 15, 2011