My First Cheddar

I finally cracked open my first farmhouse cheddar that I made 3 months ago (used the recipe from Home Cheese Making: Recipes for 75 Delicious Cheeses). I used beeswax from our hive to wax it and raw milk from the local farm for the cheese. I don't have a cheese press so I used a bowl on top of a plate and workout weights (hence the bowl shaped cheese). It's quite sharp and dry, which I really like. Next time I'm going to try to cut the curds a differently so the cheese is a little softer, although I like my cheese sharp and dry so maybe not. The wax was too thin, but I didn't have enough to make it thicker, I had to pour it over the cheese because I didn't have enough to dip. Hopefully next year I will.


  • Denise McArthur 5y

    wow, this is really cool. I like my cheese sharp and dry too.
  • Ami 5y

    So neat! I love sharp dry cheese- when we had goats we did soft goat cheeses but that was awhile ago.
  • Alfonso -Poncho- Alarcon 5y


    Saludos desde (Greetings from) Monterrey MX
  • Barb 5y

    This looks like one very fine cheddar. Hats off to you!
  • mikescottnz 5y

    Bravo a wonderful gmo free home production.
  • Tiffany 5y

    Yum! Was it hard to make?
  • Chiot's Run 5y

    Not really, I think it gets easier the more you do it. I make quick mozzarella all the time and lemon cheese.
  • giulia gasparro 5y

    Please add this great work in:
    artificial light

    mark for new group: artificial light
  • Michelle Takacs 5y

    amazing...this is so cool...
  • Chiot's Run 5y

    Guiliagas, sorry but this photo was taken with no artificial light, the light in the photo is from my sliding glass door in the dining room.
  • lepacoco 5y

    Looks wonderful!

    Amazing picture too.
  • chocolatecakegirl 5y

    OMG! did u do this cheese ! looks are amazing :)
  • L. Z. 4y

    Looks amazing! Yuuuuuuuuuum!
  • markr82 4y

    awesome, looks great. thanks for sharing and the description.

    Seen next to a fellow photo of the group "urban homesteading". (?)
  • Debby Marin 4y

    Fantastic! Makes me want a big ole bite!
  • mikescottnz 4y

    PSGR or 'Physicians and Scientists for Global Responsibility'
    Subject:Fresh (Raw) Milk Discussion paper

    Ray and Jenny have long supported the GE free NZ movement. Hope you can help.
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    MAF have said they want to hear from the public on this issue, so NOW is your best chance to have a voice. Below is an email with some links and information. I recommend that you read the MAF Discussion document and go to Ian & Deb’s website as it has some very good info' along with examples and actual submissions.

    You don’t have to say much, just a couple of sentences, or a full and concise submission. The important thing is having a say.

    Whether that is about NOT being restricted to 6 litres per day,(as stated in the document) or asking for the opportunity to have your pre -ordered supplies delivered to a suitable drop off point, with the appropriate codes of practice in place. Or asking that priority be given to ensuring the milk is antibiotic free etc. What ever is on your mind.

    My suggestion about the 6 litre limit is to say something like, - wanting the ability to purchase and collect direct from the farmer, enough for your families needs for a week or fortnight, or what ever it might be, as some make butter and cheese which requires more than 6 litres of drinking milk.

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    We have just posted our new website about natural milk, and how to make a submission on this document.

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    Often referred to as "raw milk", sometimes as "real milk" this is milk as it has been consumed for many thousands of years, and still is in most parts of the world. New Zealand (along with Australia and Canada) is one of a very small number of countries that restrict the sale of natural milk products.

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  • angela 3y

  • hardworkinghippy 3y

    Wow - well done !

    It looks really good - send me a slice - just to taste..... ;-)
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