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Raw Milk Fresh from the Farm

This is our raw milk I just picked up at the farm today, it was in a cow yesterday - AWESOME! Can you spot the cream line?


Buying raw milk is illegal in Ohio, so we actually bought part of a cow and we pay the farmers to take care of it for us. It's legal to drink raw milk from your own cow. It's called a Herd Share program.


This is how we get our milk in half gallon mason jars, we have 3 shares for 3 gallons. I skim some cream to make butter, we drink it in coffee every day, I also make yogurt & cheese with it. Generally pressed lemon cheese, ricotta or mozzarella. I've made one batch of aged cheese (Monterrey jack). You really can't beat the taste of raw milk, once you start you'll never be able to drink pasteurized milk again!


Here's my lemon cheese - super quick & easy!




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Taken on December 3, 2009