House 宅
‘House’ series invokes the otaku concept of house, which points to the residence that people take shelter in and expresses the primal instinct of nesting. “House” also represents a personal universe in this Internet era in which the virtual world can be brought into every house meanwhile allowing an infinite extension of imagination, and also the subconscious inner space to emerge.

在私密空間進行一種情境似的幻想與想像,面對平常生活中的“家“ 企圖把私密與生活物件做有趣的發想,家是拼湊及組合物件的場所, 這具有變化性場所,身處在此中往往會有特殊情境般想像. 可以幻想在這屬於自己私密的地方,正在發生一件非日常性的可能

Privacy fosters fantasy and imagination. House, such an ordinary but exclusive to each individual, changes with life and thought. Here mind flies, and fantasy comes true. Interesting things happen everyday. HOUSE is a series of how the real us would be in an isolated world.
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