Putney Swope

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    Ever see this movie? In 1989, I tracked down this forgotten 1970 movie. It's an irreverent, great flick, directed by Robert Downey (not Jr., but his father). Basic story: Partners in an advertising firm accidentally vote the black partner as the new head of the company. He fires them all, keeps and advances the black staff and tries to move in a new, inclusive direction, but at what cost. Reminds me of Animal Farm, the great George Orwell book that about animals, but really is about communism. Putney is about advertising, but is really about something a little deeper. Yeah, its a little dated now with zooming shots and assorted late 60s cinematic goofiness. But still fun to watch. Not with the kids, tho.

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    1. kool_skatkat 120 months ago | reply

      no not yet.. would be interesting to watch!

    2. swanksalot 120 months ago | reply

      Thanks, sounds interesting. Added it to our Netflix list.

    3. brutalSoCal 119 months ago | reply

      With a name like "Putney Swope" I think the first score I'd want to settle would be with my parents...

    4. Hell's Donut House 118 months ago | reply

      Such a favorite... used to have this exact ad tacked to my office wall. After this you have to find a copy of Ivan Dixon's "The Spook Who Sat By The Door."

    5. ChicagoEye 118 months ago | reply

      Great book and I actually caught the movie a while ago when it came back into release. I'll see if I can track down an ad.

    6. Hilary (curioush) 118 months ago | reply

      ooh yeah, really interesting and unusual movie

    7. Aoife city womanchile 117 months ago | reply

      Awesome!!! Yayy for you finding this ad!
      I first saw the movie when I was about 11, my dad taped it off stolen cable years ago.
      People really get turned off by oddly-named movies, so I wasn't able to get my friends to watch this one when I was a teen.
      Luckily, it's on cable again these days, every now and then.

    8. ChicagoEye 117 months ago | reply

      you father taped a strange movie off of stolen cable tv? We must be related!!

    9. Jennifer Esperanza 113 months ago | reply

      My Husband & I Love this movie!

    10. ChicagoEye 113 months ago | reply

      it's a great movie, isn't it?! Couldnt be made today, though--but should

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