OCD Exhibition - Feb 8, 2013
The question of what drives the artist to create will be explored at Chicago Art Department in February. Many of us have passions and fixations, the drive of the artist to express and create often goes beyond that to the point of compulsion. The label of “artist” itself has always been a tricky one – is “art” a profession or an obsession? The six artists in this multidisciplinary group show have spent their own time and energy to make something. They were fixated on a subject, some know why and some don’t want to know, but they all did it because they had to.

OCD – [Obsessive Compulsive Drive]
Todd Frugia
Nat Soti
Lauren Feece
Asia Rusztowicz
Edyta Stepien
Chuck Przybyl.

Curated by Edyta Stepien and Chuck Przybyl
Chicago Art Department
1932 S. Halsted #100
Friday February 8, 6-10PM
30 photos · 263 views