Hard Science | August 2010
Hard Science is a gallery experience meant to showcase artistic interpretations of scientific concepts and theories. Although we live in an era of high technology - actual scientific principles, research, and theories seldom cross over into the realm of art. Many concepts that are being proven often times can be compared with contemporary conceptual art. Conversely much of the imaging and data created in research can function as contemporary art - as it proves concepts that may be disassociated from the actual representation, such as images of particles appearing as spiral streaks and years of research represented by the addition of a number on a scale.

Curators Chuck Przybyl and Edyta Stepien have invited artists from multiple disciplines to create work that will specifically illustrate or relate to understanding scientific concepts. Working closely with Teppei Katori of MIT and Fermilab they have created a unique scientific experience in the realm of art.

Participating Artists:

Edyta Stepien
Margaret Noble
Cleveland Dean
Jason Frohlichstein
Teppei Katori
Todd Frugia
Mark Salach
Nat Soti
Amie Sell
Stacy Peterson
Chuck Przybyl

Audio Segment by Brian Klien

Closing Reception August 27, 7-10pm
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