Dexter Building Fire 2006
Wednesday, October 25th, starting at 3pm, Chicago lost a historic building in the south loop (630 South Wabash). The Wirt Dexter Commercial Loft building was built by Adler and Sullivan in 1887 and was one of a dwindling number of Adler and Sullivan structures remaining in the area. Originally, the building housed the R. Diemel & Brothers furniture company. Later, it became a carriage factory, a business school and finally, home to the George Diamond Steak House, which was a very celebrated restaurant in the 50's and 60's.

The building had been abandoned for several years, but the owners were considering how best to use the space.

The building's most distinctive feature, cast iron posts running up the west side, are probably the only thing that kept the rear wall from eventually falling onto the 'el tracks.

As it happened, I had computer trouble at work and had zipped home at 3ish to try a file on our PC. I passed right by it without noticing much. There was one fire truck, just arriving.
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