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Goodbye, Carl! | by Second City Warehouse
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Goodbye, Carl!

I am excited to report that my boss and friend, Carl, got a job as a professor at Western Kentucky University. In this economy, that's QUITE the accomplishment and I couldn't be happier for him and his wife.


So, it was with happiness, but also a good deal of sadness, that we bid Carl farewell and good luck this past Friday, his last day. I had two contributions to his party - a bottle of good Kentucky bourbon and a cake.


Of course, I wanted the cake to be very special and couldn't think of anything else to put on it aside from a bat fly. So, I picked out Carl's very favorite microptics print and took it to the bakery to see if they could replicate the image on a cake in frosting.


At the bakery, I decided to cut to the chase, so I pulled the picture out first thing in order to make sure they could transfer it. The bakers were stunned into a profound silence as they stared at the photo. I opened my mouth to explain, but a little voice in my head said, "Nono, don't. It's funnier this way."


When they finally tore their eyes away to look up at me, I smiled and said, "So. You guys are the experts, let me know what you think. I was thinking of a blue border, but I'm not sure about the decorations. Balloons, do you you think, or flowers?"


The manager of the bakery didn't really answer my question, just silently filled out the order form and wrote "balloons".


When I got the cake, I was tickled to see that they had attached frosting balloon strings to the hind leg, the wing and somewhere near the head. I suppose they weren't sure how a microscopic insect might choose to hold a balloon.

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Taken on August 28, 2009