Search Room Show and Tell
A relatively new feature to our search room is a glass display case. Over the coming months there will be a number of different displays with a range of themes. Follow the case’s journey ahead….

During January and February the display case in our search room will be home to some of the more unusual items from our collections - a brick, pen nibs, a silver trophy, a cigarette case from WW1 (with cigarettes still inside!), a C17th riding glove, brass band LP’s, delicately cut paper, locks of hair, toy trucks, a pocket watch and dainty painted miniatures and silhouettes. All of these items were deposited with us over the years as part of larger collections. Some were a complete surprise, hidden within the pages of a journal or bundled up with larger documents. They don’t often see the light of day as they are usually securely stored in our strong rooms, but they are delightful to behold and a pleasure to share with our visitors.
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