2016-02-19 Frozen Heart Day Before
2016-02-19 Frozen Heart Day Before
Fri, Feb 19, 2016
Course marking and packet pickup for Frozen Heart 13/33/50K, 2016

Conditions summarized by Perry:

Much dryer than previous years, and no snow. A little water in the first half. Some water in the utility break just after aid station#2. Some water in the forest utility trail (new this year) taken from the utility break. Some water in the (new this year) Plantation trails, which we are using to avoid Western Branch (historically very muddy).

Only really muddy in two sections, which are historically the muddiest: (1) the "clear cut" little pine tree section about 7-8mi in, just before rejoining traditional loop, and (2) in the last mile or so of the entire loop.

However, it was around freezing when we were out there, and we stepped through ice on the lake surface to rinse our shoes. When the temperature rises on Saturday, it will probably get muddier throughout the day.
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