Nutcracker Races 2010
Day after Christmas: December 26, 2010 - 9 a.m.
Run 1-mi, 2-mi, 3-mi, 5k, 4-miles; your own Nutty choice.
Light snowfall worsening as the morning progressed.
And now for Liza's "sheer pottery", as she called it:

Nutcracker Races 2010
- Liza Recto

‘Twas the day after Christmas, and conditions were dicey.
Snow from the south would render roads icy.
Whoever thought sixteen runners would choose
To run in such weather better suited for moose?

Some 50+ Clubbers came down to play -
Chris, Julie, Peter, and John (Winkert, not Way)
The event again offered a Nutcracker Suite
Of distances tailored for all kinds of feet.

Emme, the youngest competitor there,
Ran the mile against Peter – would you call that race fair?
Perhaps she’d have given him a run for his money
If he’d racewalked instead of running quick like a bunny.

Big sister Anna was first in the deuce.
Passing Julie and John, she turned on the juice.
The rest of the Staats clan – Char and Kerry -
Ran the 4-miler with Vic, Steve and Perry.
In that race, Vic was the first to arrive
In a per-mile pace of six-point-five.

Six runners chose the traditional distance.
Quinn Wenzer won it, legs pumping like pistons.
However, he had been on course to run four,
And turned prematurely, not caring for more.
Could be Dave was first, then the Stegmans and Chris,
And Jeanne taking photos of them, that and this.

Let’s thank the race staff - Tami and Don,
Assisted by volunteers Holly and Jon.
In spite of the weather, they upheld tradition
And brought us the umpteenth Nutcracker edition.

Is development threatening our popular venue?
We've seen some new building – is there more on the menu?
We’ll be back in oh-'leven, I know in my gut.
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good nut!
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