LPRM 2010
Lower Potomac River Marathon 2010
Sunday March 14, 2009
Start time 7:15 am.
119 Finishers in 2010.
Packet pick-up, registration, parking, and hot buffet and showers post-race hosted by Harry Lundeberg School of Seamanship.

Foggy morning, coastal flooding, high water on St. George's Island, and predictions of rain made for a worrisome forecast, but things turned out well. Liza adjusted the turnaround to skip Camp Merrylande (due to high water), and no rain fell, and so the conditions were good - 40s to 50s and overcast for the first 4 hours.

Pho-JOG-rapher's Note: Many of these shots are just dreadful. I wish I had a newer, and higher-end camera with a faster processor, and the SKILL to use it. But I am a volunteer and an amateur photographer...and I don't. Ah, well.

I am uploading almost all of them, even the perfectly awful ones, in case anything is of interest to anybody. Later pics, in the brighter portion of the day, had a better chance for focus.
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