B is for Barbie

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    Peter Rabbit/Beatrix Potter Barbie collectibles.

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    1. Foxglove 109 months ago | reply

      mmmmm I don't think I would make this womman breakfast: I would cook dinner: pour wine, flowers: but not breakfast:
      or a caravan/tent holiday:
      South of France , yes: but not a tent/camping: washing in a field adventure:
      (its the little jacket! its tooooooo prim!)

    2. G √ 109 months ago | reply


      What year was the doll made or what year was the photo taken?

    3. Manuela. 108 months ago | reply

      Linda linda e linda!!!!!
      Amo Barbies. ;)

    4. http://flickr.com/photos/valiii [deleted] 99 months ago | reply

      just perfect, no more words :)

    5. melanieong4ever 78 months ago | reply

      She had been waiting for a long time. After he had left for his hometown, no one ever asked or knew what he was up to. For those years of waiting, she had been busy with many things.

      Going back, she arrived in the town just before the evening came. As she walked through the busy streets, she noticed happy people passing by her. The atmosphere was different, unlike what she had experienced in her residence back in those days.

      Upon arriving on the destined place, she entered the hotel and saw guests clad in elaborate clothing. Among the crowd was a woman, who smiled and approached her as if welcoming an old friend.

      "Hello, Beatrix."

      She turned. "Hi, Cherry. Good evening."

      "It's nice to see you here. I knew that you were invited." Cherry replied.

      "Oh?" said Beatrix, surprised. "How'd you know?"

      Before Cherry could reply, a tall, handsome guy approached the two ladies and greeted,

      "Hello, how are you doing?"

      Beatrix fell silent. She didn't know what to say. For a moment, Beatrix kept quiet and then replied,

      "I'll leave you guys to talk first. Excuse me."

      Tears fell from Beatrix's lovely blue eyes as she stood at the balcony. She didn't expect that they would meet again after 27 years. They were close back in Harvard University, yet time wasn't kind enough. In the midst of a blooming romance, a patriotic mission had to pull them apart. Those days were gone. She was all by herself at that moment, not until she heard footsteps once more.

      "Are you okay?" a voice behind her asked.

      Immediately, Beatrix recognized the voice. Tears began to fall again.

      "Listen, Beatrix. I'm really sorry about what happened to us, but, let me tell you... I never erased a single memory of you from my mind."

      Deeply touched, Beatrix turned to look at the man she loved. Since they went their separate ways, his appearance had changed so much. Yet, the love still remained.

      "Mark..." Beatrix whispered softly as she threw her arms around her long-lost lover.

      "I love you, Beatrix. Please don't leave me again." Mark replied, holding Beatrix close to his heart.


      This capture is really inspiring, so my inspiration struck... I wrote just a simple story:)

    6. iyay08 74 months ago | reply

      this is one of the few barbie pictures in this site that shows barbie's got an innocent side.

    7. I Doll You 68 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Fantasy Barbie, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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