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#OCCUPY Wilkes-Barre:  What the FRACK does that mean?  {EXPLORE} | by Cheri Sundra: Guerrilla Historian
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#OCCUPY Wilkes-Barre: What the FRACK does that mean? {EXPLORE}

I didn’t start out as an OCCUPY supporter.


I enjoy taking pictures and happened to be in Philadelphia near the #OCCUPY Philly location with my camera one day, just doing what I do. Likewise, I just happened to be near the #OCCUPY Wilkes-Barre location when protesters were gathering….Actually being at the protests changed my mind.


There seem to be many misconceptions about the people participating in #OCCUPY. Let me assure you that for the most part, they are not all unemployed dirty hippies or flower-children wanna-be’s. They really do represent a wide cross-section of society….and while some ARE unemployed, most of them are employed/under-employed or retired and just fed up with the lack of impact that the views of average citizens have on the government today. They are primarily concerned with the fact that corporations have more influence over our elected officials than “we the people” do, because corporations have so much money at their disposal, and an unlimited ability to lobby and control government. As far as I can tell, that IS the issue at the core of the #OCCUPY movement---everyone just as a different way of trying to express that sentiment.


And this is a very fluid movement. While in some cities there exists a small core group of people camping out, for the most part, it is just everyday people showing up to protest when they have free time or the ability to travel to a protest near them. You will see different people at these gatherings in the morning and early afternoon than you will see after 5pm on a weekday or weekend. In some cities, some groups only have the ability to gather on the weekend. So those of you who are saying to protesters “Get a job” are just showing your own ignorance and lack of understanding about the citizens in your own community.


On the other hand, there are some people in the #OCCUPY movement themselves that are giving their fellow protesters a bad name. Those who act out or disrespect authority (or yell at fellow citizens just passing by the same shared public space that you have decided to "occupy") are not helping the cause at all. And to those who are bent on “exposing” how the entire world is just one big conspiracy theory don’t help at all either. I wonder if those people know that some people believe that #OCCUPY itself is part of a big conspiracy started by the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT….unless of course they are the people who believe that the #OCCUPY movement was started by OTHER GOVERNMENTS to bring down the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT! ;-) wink, wink


Actually, how the whole movement started online is kind of interesting. You can read all about that here:


“From a Single Hashtag, a Protest Circled the World”


Learn how you can get involved (I’m involved simply because I’ve posted this—it’s that easy):


“10 Ways to Support the Occupy Movement”


How are the “1%”supporting OCCUPY:


“We are the 1%, We Stand with the 99%”


“He Made it on Wall Street and Used it to Help Start the Protests”


See why I decided to post pictures in support of OCCUPY here:


See what MSN Money thinks the protesters have right:



And by the way, If you are not from a region where “frack” is a familiar term, here is the Wiki definition:


Hydraulic fracturing, often called fracking, is the process of initiating and subsequently propagating a fracture in a rock layer, by means of a pressurized fluid, in order to release petroleum, natural gas, coal seam gas or other substances for extraction. The fracturing, known colloquially as a frack job, is done from a wellbore drilled into reservoir rock formations. The energy from the injection of a highly pressurized fluid, such as water, creates new channels in the rock which can increase the extraction rates and ultimate recovery of fossil fuels.



This photo was featured on Flickr's EXPLORE page on October 23, 2011, it was #349 when I learned about it.....






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