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The Eye Of The Storm

Explored!! Dec 6, 2011 #14 ..Thanks so much guys!


Here it is. The sister photo to this one. even though the other photo has me in it and the bright, beautiful, vibrant red.. I still prefer this one way more.. I don't know, it's just PERFECT. ♥ i love how this turned out.


And actually, Lori's facial expression is completely candid. She turned towards he camera and said "What face should I make?" and I said *CLICK* "That one." I took a few more photos just in case but I kind of just knew that was going to be the one and I think it's perfect!


I have 2 more photos from this day to post (one of which has yet to be completed... Womp Womp) and I'm glad because I probably wont have much to post for the rest of the month. I'm starting the process of applying for school (for photography, of course) and I need to get a bunch of things together. One of the biggest things being my portfolio which includes:


• 2 Landscape

• 2 Action/Sports

• 2 Architectural

• 2 Portraitures

• 2 Creative

• 10 remaining photos may be any type


and there's an essay which I'm not looking forward to. I think that may be the hardest thing for me. but, the thing is I need to get all of this stuff and more together by Jan 1st because if I do the tuition cost lowers a bit. and my parents said if I don't get it in by then and I don't get that discount I have to make up the extra put back on.


Stress!!! ):




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