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I've been listening to Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens, Neutral Milk Hotel, and Bruce Springsteen nonstop lately. I wish I could make my life a never-ending adventure to travel all over the country catching these bands when they play at hole-in-the-wall bars and be a groupie and smoke and drink and live.


‎"You've gone a million miles, how far'd you get? To that place where you can't remember, and you can't forget."


This being said, note that I'm perfectly content. I love where I am now. Sometimes I feel like I live out of my car, which is almost like being a wayward wanderer, except, I always have a destination. School, work, home. School. Work. Home. When I'm lucky, I drive the back roads for forty minutes only to realize why I'm living. He always greets me with the warmest embraces. Always.


"And your dad would throw the garbage all across the floor as we would lay and learn what each others' bodies were for..."


Sometimes we have deep conversations about life and death and all the fucked up and perfectly beautiful messes in between, and sometimes we just lie down and listen to each others' heartbeats for a whole hour without talking. Or at least it seems that long. I could lie there for centuries without saying a word, though. I wouldn't mind. I'm sure he wouldn't either.


"We celebrate our sense of each other. We have a lot to give one another."


This day we drove to Starved Rock. After missing a turn two minutes into the trip, and blowing a stop sign, driving through a ghost town (pretty sure), and backtracking to get gas and Arizona tea in a town called Rochelle, we finally made it. It was raining so I got to use my wild west umbrella. We held hands and walked the trails and debated quite thoroughly who would be first to jump off "Lovers Leap". We decided we'd break up for a couple of minutes so neither of us would have to jump. I'm pretty sure we picked the perfect time to visit this park. Neither of us had been there previously. Except, there were no eagles on Eagle Cliff, no lovers on Lovers Leap, and no bees on Beehive Overlook. The rocks did look pretty hungry, though. And for that, we were satisfied. We ate dinner at a Cajun restaurant called "Cajun Connection". The cook, Cajun Ron, didn't remember me. He let me hold an alligator a few months previously. Oh well, we can't all leave a lasting impression; not even with alligator guts between your fingers.


"This is axiom."


The rest of the night was wonderful. I'd go into details, but I'm getting tired. I think I'll go to sleep now.







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Taken on November 6, 2011