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THREEHUNDREDANDSIXTYFIVE. (+ in comments) | by Digital CLR
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Once upon another time,

Before I knew which life was mine. Before I left the child behind me.

I saw myself in summer nights and stars lit up like candle light.

I made my wish but mostly I believed...


This photo is part 2 of 2, and is also the final installment of a year of self explorations.


Song: Once Upon Another Time.




This singularly is the largest project I have ever completed. I uploaded a day late on this day and used an older photo once, but other than that I took a self portrait every single day for an entire year, accumulating over 18,000 photos.


My experience was different from others that have completed the 365 project. I didn’t end up loathing it and -- more importantly -- the 365 didn’t change my life. It was just there for me when my life was changing.


In the past year I slew many of my own personal monsters. I moved to college. I lived in a city. I dyed my hair red. I learned to play guitar and uke, as well as learned how to live without music. I traveled to Europe. I got two jobs. I learned about other languages and cultures. I met new, interesting people and was adopted into several supportive pseudo-families.


Simply because it’s a nice segue, I wouldn’t have made it without certain people. I wish I could list all of them, but there couldn’t possibly be enough space.


Specifically, there’s my ever growing list of contacts as well as my followers on

Facebook that have been ever wonderful to me. In a more physical sense, I would like to acknowledge the existence of my brother (and his muscles) who helped me with several shoots this last month. I would also like to thank all of the friends that I dragged along with me, such as Catherine who helped me as I continually dashed across a 45mph road yesterday.


Of course, I must thank slash apologize to my roommates because not only did they deal with my constant whining, “murrr”ing and shameless self-advertising, but they also helped me survive through the past year. Them as well as my close friends (near, far, and farthest) deserve all of my gratitude for being there for me all of the times.


A year ago, I wasn’t very sure of anything.


Now I’m sure of a lot of things.


For me, this project wasn’t about being beautiful or about professional growth. It was about getting a hold on one of my passions and learning how to create art.


I have found a way to channel everything that was whirring in my head and I have grown into that new space. I have learned to speak without words and to hear by seeing.


My name is Chelsea. This concludes my 365.

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Taken on June 12, 2012