Time to Talk Conference - 25 April 2015
A consultative conference called 'Time to Talk - mapping the territory' was held on 25 April 2015 at the Brentwood Centre. More than 700 people from across Chelmsford Diocese took part in the discussions and celebrations. They were joined by ecumenical representatives and a party from Karlstad, our linked diocese in Sweden, led by Biskop Esbjorn. The facilitator was Nicky McGinty. The theme of the conference was mission planning in line with the strategic priorities for the diocese set out in our publication, 'Transforming Presence'. Stephen Cottrell, the Bishop of Chelmsford, said the challenge was "transforming the Church for the transformation of the world." The gathering took stock of the journey from the first Time to Talk conference three years previously, and identified what had been learned and where efforts will need to be applied in the next few years. Participants spent the day engaging with scripture, in prayer and in discussion around tables. In a lighter moments Deanery teams envisaged the future of their deaneries by creating models in plasticine. The next steps are likely to be further learning and planning events held locally. For more reports of the conference and information about Transforming Presence, including our new booklet, 'Mission & Ministry Units - A simple guide,' please visit our dedicated website: www.transformingpresence.org.uk.
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