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cellular automata

This is the output of a Cellular automata system developed using a Spartan 3 Starter Kit FPGA board. The user could pause the automata, change the frame rate, apply 16 different rules (Conway's life, Brian's brain, parity, lichens, time tunnel, Greenberg, among others), seed it with a mouse-drawn pattern and choose among two color palettes.


Some features and numbers for the curious:

-Resolution: 320x240

-Inputs: 8 switches, 4 push buttons, PS/2 mouse

-Output: 3-bit VGA

-Colors: 27 (using temporal and spatial dithering)

-System clock: 30MHz max.

-Moore neighborhood.

-16 rules (limited only by the number of switches, more rules can be trivially added).


These pictures were obtained by photographing the CRT display that received the VGA signal.


More info here, and the rest of the pictures are on my photostream. If you are interested in the VHDL source code, please let me know. I will gladly share it with anyone.


Disclaimer: These pictures were edited using Photoshop to increase contrast and in some cases color inversion has been applied. Color inversion was not a feature of this system, but it can be trivially implemented.


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Taken on July 4, 2007