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Web of a Six-eyed Tunnel spider | by Hans Erken
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Web of a Six-eyed Tunnel spider

From Dr Robert Raven "Six-eye Tunnel spider. Genus Ariadna, family Segestriidae


They are fairly common, mostly rainforest and wet sclerophyll forest dwellers where they make a very distinct small funnel-shaped opening in trees with discrete lines of web radiating from the edge; the tubes are in the rotted knotholes of trees as they ave nothing with which to dig. They are not known to be dangerous as they are rarely encountered by most people. All species are native and probably endemic. We know very little about them mostly because most of us don't usually carry chain saws into the field to collect. The interesting feature about them from our point of view is the number 6; they have lost one pair of eyes from the usual and their third pair of legs which usually goes back. Hence, there are 6 legs going forward instead only of only 4 as in most spiders.

The family Segestriidae occurs worldwide and all build similar webs in trees. They belong to same group as the Spitting Spiders (Scytodidae) and Daddy-long-legs (Pholcidae)."

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Taken on February 13, 2014