"Follow The Old Internet's Plan" May 6, 2010
by Ursula Endlicher within Christine Gedeon's exhibit, "Stitched Topographies".

chashama Harlem Studios Gallery
461 West 126th Street, NYC

project term: Thursday May 6, 7 - 9p

"Follow The Old Internet's Plan" is part of "The Old Internet" series, an ongoing performance of brief appearances and explorative sketches that playfully entangle the audience in situations reflecting on online social-media.

In this series Ursula Endlicher takes on the role of "The Old Internet" who tries to cope with new technological and social developments in online media. Whatever is new online gets re-enacted offline. Previously: the Old Internet made many new friends while connecting itself to their hair, another time it invited the audience onto its lap to listen publicly to their secret wishes… (Stock prices of internet companies on the video were derived from that day's market activity.)

Many thanks to Christine Gedeon for inviting "The Old Internet" to perform within the exhibition "Stitched Topographies", currently on view at chashama Harlem Studios Gallery.

Ursula Endlicher's work resides on the intersection of Internet, performance and multi-media installation. In her practice she bridges Internet and physical reality. Her focus lies in analyzing the social and structural components of the Web while translating its hidden architectures and languages into choreography for performances, or into layouts for visualizations and installations. She currently shows work at Postmasters Gallery, NYC and at Jersey City Museum. Recent performances include venues such as SIGGRAPH Asia, Japan, the Center for Performance Research, and Light Industry, both Brooklyn, NY. She participated in the Virtual Residency 2.0 at Location One, NYC in 2009.
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