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Amish Hauling Hay

Most Amish farms also have geese and goats or sheep. The Amish farm to make a living and not necessarily to make money. Their farming techniques are very self sustaining and are a major part of how they want to live.16

The Amish communites are very close group of people. They rely on each other for help. They don’t need insurance because they can rely on their neighbor when disaster strikes. In March of 2006 an Amish home was completely destroyed by a tornado. The family survived with-out injury, the Amish man and his wife and their two children were safe in the bedroom. The home was blown away. Word passed through the community and the neighbors showed up with work tools in their buggies and began working by 4 a.m. The house was completely rebuilt by 2 p.m. and the floors were being scrubbed18. The Amish

sometimes get together and raise a barn or use all their effort to harvest one families field. They help each other out in this way

and everyone benefits at one time or another.

The Amish work primaraly on their farms; however, many Amish are skilled carpenters and they work outside of the community. They hire people to drive them to places where they work. Amish carpentry is highly sought for their efficiency and high quality work. They do not use power tools or other modern building techniques. Many Amish do custom framing work from their homes, building the timbers used to frame a house or building at home then having them transported and put togeather on site. Many times these frames are put togeather by drilling holes using a horse that powers a mechanical drill, they don’t need nails because they fit the wood togeather with pegs.


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Taken on May 25, 2006