Nestle Into the Loving Arms of the Noodle Ring

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    Prince Golden Macaroni
    Recipes, 1951

    1. Mary (David's wife) 54 months ago | reply

      Looks like Prince didn't even follow their own recipe -- it calls for sauteed mushrooms but those sure look like button mushrooms straight out of the can!

    2. Era: '51 - Gone to Ipernity 54 months ago | reply

      Drain clog in a sewer pipe.

    3. ~ Liberty Images 54 months ago | reply

      I love the little noodle people.

    4. Frank Synopsis 54 months ago | reply

      They say "noodle ring" like it was an everyday thing, this "noodle ring."

    5. Charm and Poise 54 months ago | reply

      Mary (David's wife): I have a feeling that the food stylist team cut out from work early -- too depressing! -- so the photographer just had to make do with what was around!

      Era: '51: But at least Prince's egg noodles lend it all a toothsome texture.

      ~ Liberty Images: Hee! Me too! At least they're having a good time!

      Frank: You are getting sleepy ... You are listening to my voice and feeling very relaxed ... Every time you see or hear the words "noodle ring" you will have an uncontrolable impulse to buy Prince's macaroni products ...

    6. Frank Synopsis 54 months ago | reply

      > You are listening to my voice and feeling very relaxed
      I'd buy this part at least ... :^)

    7. bustinbeats7 54 months ago | reply

      " Awww right , which one of you ingrates yakked in the noodle ring !!??? ""

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