Welcome to the Neighborhood (August 24, 2018)
Photo Credit: EG Schempf

What defines the experience of a person living in the geographic middle of the United States? There are expectations of what that existence looks like, feels like. A picture painted with the residue of a black and white intro to the first ever movie in technicolor, a smear of bbq sauce on a paper bib, the quilt-like squares of “flyover country”. Welcome to the Neighborhood is an exhibition that presents the lived experience of midwesterners through the eyes of its artists – people who live or have lived in the Kansas City area. It presents the textured landscape, the complicated dichotomies, the hues and politics of a place that these artists have embraced as home.

Artists included in the exhibition include Yoonmi Nam, Jessica Borusky, Rashawn Griffin, Patty Carroll, Rodolfo Marron III, Mike Sinclair, Rena Detrixhe, Glyneisha Johnson, Michael Krueger, Nedra Bonds, Deanna Dikeman, and Lara Shipley.
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