fauxtobooth : Utatagear

And on this note, I leave you all for one week with my beau in the Dominican Republic. Don't worry, I'll keep warm.

  • G r e n 9y

    Have fun!
  • phoneyman 9y

    Have fun in the sun Charlie.

  • Linda's Many Muses 9y

    Yay Charlie!

    Have a lovely warm time, sweet girl.
  • bobmorton 9y

    Great shots! Enjoy your trip.
  • greg 9y

    Is the Dominican Republic ready for Charlie Bump? We like the UtataGear.
  • Phillip Chee 9y

    Have fun!
  • Linus Gelber 9y

    Bon voyage!
  • Shooting Chris 9y

    have a great trip and bring back some pics for us!
  • emdot 9y

    super cute. :)
  • jen clix 9y

    you wear it well, charlie!
    Have a great trip... I'm sure you're packing your new UtataGear!
  • carljohnson 9y

    Oh! I think Fauxtobooth would be both a brilliant group and a great weekend project. (But I'd have to insist on four for a dollar.)
  • emdot 9y

    i'm in on the fauxtobooth (not to be confused with the faux-toe-booth, cuz that's just gross). say the word.

    i see many meme's coming up: boots and bouquets (bootques), cameras on the head, and fauxtobooths. :)
  • phoneyman 9y

    M., I've seen your toes, they're not gross.

  • emdot 9y

    heh. :) i was talking about faux-toes. :)
  • eshu 9y

    ooooh you lucky thing, have a great time
  • Linda's Many Muses 9y

    An adorkable meme would be good too.
  • Michelle 9y

    I'm envious, Charlie - I'm off for a week in icy Toronto at the end of the month. I think fun in the sun would be infinitely preferable! =)
  • Katya Horner 9y

    These are great! Have fun on your trip. :)
  • zingara della Boemia 9y

    great pic!! and have fun under the sun!
  • bodhi47 9y

    product shot.
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