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Gate's To The Golden Frontier!! | by CharlieBrown8989
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Gate's To The Golden Frontier!!

This is the scene which my dad's describe to me about his childhood view on the Gate to his Home Town, DongLin Town in DongShan Island.


He traveled by Sedan Chair carried by 8 porters'. His dad's my grandpa's traveled by horse & sedan chair as well.


I am told that my late grandpa's have 2 guns with him. He have the tradional Qin Dynasty Officers' head dress(it does symbolized the various status of the position in their imperial court status from the color & design), the Western Military commander hat & the CowBoy hat!!


My dad's hardly see him return home to sleep; when he is back from his trans-continental business trip.




I can recalled that; My late grandpa wear the Brown color CowBoy hat during my childhood. At noon time when he took a nap at his fishing pond's bamboo hut; He would cover my face using his Cowboy hat!!


12th hours before he died in 1961, he told me that:


"Son, I cannot make it to become a Global Business Tycoon.


I cannot make it to America!!


Although I have travel to central europe & Middle East...


I did not make it to America!!


According to my god-brother the ShaoLin abbot, you are going to succeed in the Western World!!


You are going to make it!!


Only You!! My Son."


I just wonder why he said my son?? I am his grandson!!


It is 1st time I see people dying in my young life, more so he is my grandpa!! So I asked him why he say that, he said he resign to his Karma & his fate based on his year, day & time of birth.


They have check yours' & that is what I said to you.


He said he is a self make man, he loose the wealth then he make it back , & it is even greater heights each time. These have had happened 3 times in his life!!


Grandpa is well verse with Feng-Shui, Astrology (both for Marinetimes & Fortune Reading), poem, arts, herbs & medicines, Kung Fu, .....etc.


Oh yes, he enjoy gourmet food too. His famous desert is Tappiocal Glue with sugar after meals!! Which I don't like it.


After a few drinks, he like to compose his own poems & writes caligraphy!!


So in his last word, he said:

Yes, A person cannot be resign to his/her fate, until he/ she last day in this world!!


He have over 11 children & 30 over grandsons' & grand daughters' and another 50 odds adopted children!!


I was only about 6th years old, but he said these to me.


I was worrying that I might get the T.B. & die later, if I getting too close to him.


As T.B. is the deadly disease of that era!!


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Taken on July 3, 2005