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Romantic Sunrise - Ba Dang 巴东桥

This is Ba Dang, the city that settle about 1millions populations of Yang Zi Da Ba project.


You can see that the high rised flats & building just like the scene in Hong Kong.


There is a very high contrast in the are of old & new, can you spotting them??


Well the saying is that when the Da Ba completed , the Chong King area would be able to grow Lychee Longun & all the sub-tropica fruits in the area.


They are relying on coal fire energy, beside the pollution caused by the coal fire .. the CO2 emission is a critical factors as well. You can see the beautiful pink smog in the air like L.A. sky lines.


Human are altering the Nature, but the by products of the waste produce would destroy this planet.!!


This is taken while the ship is sailing pass the bridge.


I consider this is a great shot.




Ba Dang in fact is a old city existed many thousand years. However, due to the environment & hardship, people have move out of the city. With the Da Pa project, people are resettled here. There are all together about 1millions new homes.


On my research, Malaysia in Johor state , there is a small town name as Ba Dang. There are well know curry.


Also in Indonesia Sumatra southern area, there is a Ba Dang as well. The famous Padang curry origin from this place.


I am informed by the trides in this area that the Name Ba Dang is the plane on the moutains. So that is not a co-incident.


What my research found is that the Ba Dang trides originally are from this place, then they travel south to Malaya & Sumatra about few thousand years ago.


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Taken on July 5, 2006