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On-lineTransient state of affairs....

AD-LIB SEE HERE the new digital colour management reflect overt action through a magazine socialist culture time line and signify the fruitless demise of missguided neurotics, the studio progress expressing the wonderment of my photography that objects or certain people the marvel of activity contrast and detail in my critical eye, an intermission and comic in my student work that has become inascapable and of good taste... (signed 'thug mug' the china-graph) ...


title AD-LiB.6a) note: c2000-2011; BA Hons Photography the arts.


Student character building metrosexual authenticity & go-go-Gadgets ...

email: ...


... Hierarchies of Futé.


Nikon SQ Digital



Focal Length:10.2mm

ISO Speed 115

Date and Time:(Original): 09-09-2007 19:11pm




A scene from paradise a vison of christ at heavens gate, st pauls cathedral protecting the vagabond from theives... in the archetecture of the secret order, the history jacobite rebellion, the pinks, pleab, piscapayline and barbarian took oath and inside the sepulcher is said that nelson was buried and jesus christ would one day return to the new world...


The millenium bridge built over the fresh hold to no`avail...


It is written in the wraith of the flow, that in old father thames, the times ghost like prophets would be condemed to hold the titainium like structure forever until his return...


By CHARLES FULLER. BA Hons Photography ART Student.

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Taken on October 12, 2010