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Retro Reflection' Sixtie's Lighting.

Process Dark room Hand print Bazaar Brick-A-Brack Car Boot Sale Brighton Sunday Market...


-They include different portraiture activities and scenes in the Studio and on Location shooting Large Format-- 50mm, Medium Format-- 120film, 35mm-- 28-90lens, illford Hp5 and B/W Chromogenic film, and different ISO film Speeds. Some manipulation in Photoshop was undertaken with the intention to learn and design an image for different themes.


Many many hours working in Photoshop were used, to learn understand, and define for such techniques as histogram, channels, layers and rasterize etc. The intentions were to shoot film given different conditions and undertake activity for completion of a task and hand in an assignment contributing to some of the final marks.


Some Photographs are on set in the studio using tungsten lighting and flash in High key / Low key using incident and reflective metering for evaluative Exposures and location techniques were undertaken to record a greater range of tonal detail, sharp contrasty focused images.


Book Covers were invented in Egyptian times when drawings on cave walls were no longer required. They were written on Papyrus that is a cardboard-based rice paper and some of the very first scrolls of the Egyptians.


Most Professional editing is done using software on computers for design work for books and magazines in designer drawing office rooms publishing-houses by Graphics Designers using Photoshop and Quark Express.


I have taken Photographs from a selection of images and text Inspired by themes and design from very influential Photographers, Journalists and Writers.


Reading a photograph and identifying as many aspects of the image in perspective

to the narrative, covering essential periods from Photographers, artists and art movements, influentializing photographic historical content, reading and identifying to print processing and framing for exhibit...



Many clients seem to think that the rights of the image belong to them, but this is no longer the case and the law has changed in: 1988 Copyright, Design & Patent Act.


Copyright last for 70 years and offers protection and this means that clients only use Photographs taken by Professional Photographers in the ways that have been agreed at the time of commissioning.



Modernism in Art Architecture and photography is based upon the rational that creative works should be self-referential and free of social influence.


Since the 1980's Levine has made a career out of appropriating famous works of Art sometimes by making new versions of them and placing them in different contexts, other times by "simply” Photographing a photograph.

** Sherrie Levine [American born in 1947].


Images of popular culture form the basis of issues in Andy Warhol’s Art. Mass produced objects and famous faces are reproduced and repeated just as they are in advertising culture and the status of the unique image is most often radically called into question.

** Andy Warhol [American 1928-1987]


That there is clear distinction between the world of media and the world of social reality

** Cindy Sherman 1954-


David Bailey alongside Terry Donavan & Duffy made the terrible three of street wise working class and modern British fashion Photographers of the 60's. High contrast Portraits show the influence of Richard Avedon, Irving Penn & john French for whom assisted which dominate much of Editorial Photography.


Hence from the 1970's onwards conceptual ideas and critical practices contributed to gallery exhibitions (High Art) of postmodernism while in Britain Documentary Photographers and left wing Politics reflected in the work, showed that truth is constructed in modern society.



** Bibliography:-


David bailey: Birth of the Cool-Martin Harrison.

Criticizing Art: Understanding the Contemporary-Terry Barrett.

The Politics of Postmodernism: Linda Hutcheon Routledge 1990.

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