Arab Spring - after Friday prayers in Amman

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  1. Afrazov 57 months ago | reply

    Nice effect, makes me a little dizzy!!!!


  2. gary8345 57 months ago | reply

    We only here about the protests in Syria and Egypt at the moment. I didn't realise that they were protesting in Jordan as well. Thanks for spreading the news.

  3. CharlesFred 57 months ago | reply

    Gary Etchell Well, to be honest, this was only a little protest. There are also protests going on in Saudi Arabia, but being a friend of the West and the West being dependent upon Saudi oil, this does not make the Press.

    In the meantime, the protests in parts of Syria are reported constantly, possibly as part of an International conspiracy to get rid of Assad.

    Also, I think it is worth mentioning that tens of thousands of Libyans have died since Ghaddafi was removed from power, but this does alos not get reported as we want to be seen to be the 'winners' here...

  4. sly's eye 57 months ago | reply

    Very nice series! Thank you Charles!

  5. Bill Weinberg 43 months ago | reply

    Charles, I used your excellent photo on my website. Hope you dig.

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