Incomprehensible Excel dialog

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    I'm saving a CSV file as CSV. Which option will lead to what happening? What does 'no' mean? Worse, if you do press no then the dialog comes back. Very perplexing.

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    1. heyitsme_23 47 months ago | reply

      excel doesn't like csv even on windows. Unfortunately, this is what adobe needs to do data merges, so in the graphics design world you see this very often.

    2. Jerry Knaus 47 months ago | reply

      Yup, this one's a classic.

    3. shrtstck | 47 months ago | reply

      old warning is old.

    4. _orta 47 months ago | reply

      Another +1 on seeing it a million times

    5. calzo 47 months ago | reply

      good spot boyo!

    6. rsstn 47 months ago | reply

      nice job microsoft.

    7. 47 months ago | reply

      How is that incomprehensible? Looks pretty straight forward to me. You made changes to the file that do not comply with the CSV format.

    8. someToast 47 months ago | reply

      I like this one, where Office update can't continue until Microsoft AutoUpdate is quit:

    9. sensaikenji 47 months ago | reply

      Try tabbing to buttons in the Office dialog boxes. It goes right to left. :-/

    10. Jonathan Hoefler 47 months ago | reply

      At least on one side of the equator.

    11. dakoepke 47 months ago | reply

      Excel 2007 packs a lot of fail into its "save as" feature. Open Excel, paste in CSV from somewhere, use the Text Import Wizard to convert it into a proper spreadsheet, and then immediately try to save it as a CSV.

      First, you get an OK/Cancel warning about how CSV doesn't support multiple worksheets (even though you haven't used any). That's followed by the pictured Yes/No dailog about feature incompatibility (even though you're saving data from a CSV as CSV). And, as icing on the cake, when you try to close the document, Excel asks if you want to save your changes (even though you didn't make any), and then gives you the pictured dialog again.

    12. dpritchard [deleted] 47 months ago | reply

      I agree, this one drives me crazy.

      I have conditioned myself to just clicking "Yes" to these dialogue boxes. Recently this got me into strife when the following came up (hint, you probably want to click "No" to this one):


    13. eddypoon 47 months ago | reply

      I was stunned they ported this dialogue box from Excel on Windows. This really shows the quality behind ported software.

    14. James at Uni 47 months ago | reply

      to answer your questions:

      "which option will lead to what happening?"
      if you click 'yes' the format will stay the same (csv) and the features in your work book that are incompatible will not be saved.

      if you click 'no' you have a chance to save these incompatible features by saving the file in the latest excel format.

      "what does 'no' mean?"
      'no' means you do not want to save the workbook as a csv

      how would you rewrite this dialog box?

    15. shigzeo 47 months ago | reply

      There are about 865 reasons that Office on the Mac is the worst software I've ever bought. Unfortunately the Canadian version is 249$ and worth about 1/10th of that as all I bloody need is Word template perfection.

      But God, saving, using Expose, anything - requires masses of patience/time that I don't have as Microsoft can't do a proper port and will not abide by OSX rules.

      Save as isn't shift + s, it's drop down menu, the same with unformatted paste - everything is slow. When these dialogues come up, it isn't even funny anymore - this software is simply the worst ever made, but sadly the only I can use for stupid, idiotic templates.

    16. mike3k 47 months ago | reply

      that's clear as mud.

    17. AxsDeny 47 months ago | reply

      @James at Uni: Yes and No are useless labels. The options should, at minimum, read:

      [ Save as XLS ] [ Save as CSV ]

    18. charlesarthur 47 months ago | reply

      @Appleton@rogers: it's CSV that I opened, without touching; nothing has changed. So why won't it let me save it to a different place also as a CSV?

      @James at Uni - yes, @AxsDeny has it right: the choices should be verbs, not yes/no. Verbs give you actions; yes/no doesn't tell you what the actual choices are.

    19. sensaikenji 46 months ago | reply

      @ shigzeo: Keyboard Maestro is your friend. I just tried Shift+Cmd+S for Save As and it worked.

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