Butter yellow city bike

I’ve been guilty of building entire bikes around a specific components in the past. Once it was a set of brakes and another time it was a saddle. This time it was a dynamo. This is a new rim dynamo made by Velogical Engineering out of Germany. The appeal of it is that it’s light weight (75g), super compact, and there’s no drag when it’s not in use. For this bike, which has a 1×10 drivetrain, I used the downtube shifter normally reserved for the front derailleur as the remote switch. When the lever is pulled, the dynamo rolls against the rim and the Schmidt Edelux front light and Radios LED rear light come on while you’re riding. The front rack is wide to prevent the handlebar bag from sagging on the sides. It has a brushed nickel finish which complements the brushed stainless fenders. The handlebar is the Jitensha bar made by Nitto which are wrapped with leather tape all the way to the stem for additional riding positions. The cables are routed over the bar to prevent any interference when a bag is on the bike. And I went with a threadless stem on this bike so I made one with an integrated compression cap and there’s bell mount on the binder.
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