2015 Day in the Life of Frankfurt/Frankfort
After nearly one year of random searches on the internet to find any and all of the U.S. Frankforts, then random phone calls and e-mails to various Frankfort city government offices and /or newspaper offices, I present to you the 2015 Day in the Life of Frankfurt/Frankfort. This is the second year that people from both German Frankfurts joined us in capturing what was happening on April 25th, 2015. Some photos show people going about their day and other photos show random things such as landscapes, cityscapes, fruit markets or window signs. In the end, it is actually the day in the life of the person taking the pictures of whatever she or he finds photogenic at that moment. I can guarantee that there is variety from all of the participants. I hope you enjoy the photos from April 25th, 2015. Welcome to Frankfurt/Frankfort!
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