TPA Park Centennial - July 4th, 1911-2011
Although not as grand as the opening day of the TPA Park, nor as crowded, this 100th Anniversary of the park was filled with fun, food, and activities. Local Historian Leroy Good shared his life memories of the park and the history of it. Mr. Good dressed in a suit and fedora to give an idea of what the people wore 100 years ago when the temperature was a record 104 degrees. Local musician Brian Pitzer, Jason Wells, and Marker 158 provided a variety of music. The Grand Finale of the Fourth of July, 2011, was a great fire works display sponsored by the Frankfort Jaycees.

NOTE - In the last set, I wrote that there were 85 acres bought for $15,000. However, Leroy Good said it was 65 acres for $10,000. I got my information from two sources in book form. But I can't disagree with a man who has learned so much about the history of this city & county in his 91 years of life. Whichever it is 65 or 85 acres, that's a lot of land to mow and at $10,000 or $15,000, that's a good deal!
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