• Other things that inspire me. Medical encyclopedias, Total Digital Photography book and "Night" by Elie Wiesel.
  • Pre-writing.
  • From the dollar store. I wish I would have bought more and sent them in the mail for everyone.
  • Night is one of my favorite books, ever. - libraryann
  • Ahem!
  • I don't know why I like looking at them. They inspire me too.
  • Memory card and the box of Bazooka bubble gum that was down my bra.
  • I swear my walls are light blue. Weird lighting but I like it.
  • I used this as a backdrop on Day96.
  • More like bed head.
  • What a nice inspiration! - Rafa from Brazil
  • *hehe* I won't even ask...... - Public Nuisance

Writing Corner[Day154]*

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Lately, I've been writing more than I ever have before. I started writing when I was four. My first story was about a trip three of my friends and I made into outer space [I would LOVE to go]. I fondly remember the detailed descriptions of moon juice and asteroid cakes.

Now it seems as if writing has taken over my life. I knock out a short story of about six pages in twenty minutes. I've never been this inspired in my life. I could write until the end of the world. It is about time I did a super writing inspired shot.

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  1. artsy_T 95 months ago | reply

    that's awesome kendra. i'd love a copy of one or more of your stories. would you be interested in sharing!?

  2. Chapendra 95 months ago | reply

    Tina What do you wanna read? Right now I'm into sending either one on the medical man or the secret. I would be more than happy on sending one. I'll send a shorter one. Most are in the thousand page range. :]

  3. Dave77459 95 months ago | reply

    Nice! This is why I can't write: I don't create a cozy spot for myself. Plus: non-talent.

    I love your photo!

  4. squilky 95 months ago | reply

    I used to do a lot of short story writing as well when I was in high school. As I've gotten older, I've done less and less creative writing. Keep at it. Weird how your blue walls look pinkish orange in that photo. Is your white balance ok?

  5. Chapendra 95 months ago | reply

    Mike My white balance needs CPR. No. I am kidding. It is fine. I shot raw and processed funny. I just liked how the greens and acrylic paint containers popped.

  6. *Simon* 95 months ago | reply

    cool shot, and thousand page range????????

    good grief you must have an active imagination, sounds like it would be an intresting read though

    ever considerd looking at publishing? if your writing something that long it must bee good
    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  7. Chapendra 95 months ago | reply

    Backwards because it how Tina & I roll.
    Simon Thank you! Yeah I have something called a insane interesting imagination! But I need to work at getting published more. Maybe this summer.
    Mike Already replied.
    Da Make a space. Or come cuddle up in my chair in my space.
    Tina Already replied.

    :P Thanks you few.

  8. artsy_T 95 months ago | reply

    thanks kendra. shorter is good. i don't have a long attention span and don't read much anymore. you pick what you think i'd like. :) yay!! :)

  9. < : = RABENKIND 92 months ago | reply


    I'm an administrator for the group ~GiRLsStuFf~ and I've just noticed your great pic.
    It would go together so well with the group's main idea.
    It'd be great if you'd consider joining the group. :)
    I must mention that I just started the group, so please don't let the small number of members
    and photos scare you off. It's only the beginning. :)

    Kind regards, Linda

    hope to see you soon in ~GiRLsStuFf~

  10. MLM SPOT 84 months ago | reply

    Nice picture. I wanted to let you know that I used it on my Marketing Blog.

    Chris Kosman

  11. hopeful gratitude (nymphdupave) 73 months ago | reply

    This is the photo I joined your stream because of and every time I type "write" into flickr's search, this comes up at #1 for most relevant. Cool :)

  12. klaym11 72 months ago | reply

    We have the same glasses XD

  13. LucReid 58 months ago | reply

    Thanks for posting this photo, and for sharing it through Creative Commons! I borrowed it for a writing interview post on my site The Willpower Engine: it will appear June 8th at www.willpowerengine.com/?p=1885 .


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