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Home sick from school, again. I feel worse; my ears are crying my glands feel like the size of a tennis ball. But the worst part about being sick is knowing your missing out on valuable education pieces that can not be retaught from when you are gone. Plus, my grades already SUCK this trimester this just gives another reason for them to be crappy. Along with another reason for my parents to scream at me. Last trimester I pulled all B's but one class. Somehow I manged to pull that off, but this trimester isn't going to be that easy to do. In a short non confusing manner, I'm down, and depressed about a lot right now. But most of all I find it uncomfortable that I can think of a word that starts with a "D" that has to do with my mood. For every D I have in school right now.


I'm done and I dream of dropping out even if I do graduate in 2008. I know dropping out isn't the "right thing" but, it may be the only thing. . . .for survival.


Oh and whatever you say I wont hold against you, I love advice, lately. Sometimes there is only so many years you can survive being the ear or the shoulder.

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Taken on February 7, 2007