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20 things about me | by chaoskatenkosmos
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20 things about me

1. I hate to be photographed, I do not know how to behave and what to do with my facial mimics when somebody wants to make a picture of me. I find it very unpleasant.

On the other side i love to be behind the camera.


2. I got my mothers slr camera, a Zentit E, when I was 14 years old. I still photograph with the lenses I got together with this camera.


3. I write lists of everything not to forget my thoughts and ideas.


4. I get lost in details, whether it is material world or thought landscape


5. I was born in September 79


6. I am married and our son is 3 years old.


7. We have no TV and I don´t read newspapers, so I am not very actual.


8. Music is very important, every kind of music. I can totally lost in. I regret never learned to play an instrument, but I sing a lot.


9. When growing up I had a very rebellious time, leave home with 16 to feel free.

I needed to break out to took control over my own life and escape from a difficult family situation.

Although I made many things I am not proud of, I do not really regret, because it helps me to find myself a bit better. I think it was important for me to kick over the traces and try out different ways of life. I still search my way and imagine I will never stop searching.


10. When I was younger I dreamed to live outside the society and make all things for myself, in a deep forest, together with only a few other people.


11. I tried to live with only a few material things to feel free. My room was pretty empty, no bed, only a mattress on the floor, 2 baskets; one for the washed and one for the dirty laundry, a few books standing on the floor.


12. Nowadays I still try to avoid hoarding of unneccessary things, but not as rigorous as I done it when I was younger. I think i had to try out the extreme points, to see how less can I go. To find a balance.


13. One of my main themes: there is no light without shadow, no kosmos without chaos. These things belong together. I believe in ups and downs. I know that it will never be bad all the time. Sometimes it first must get so worse, that only the way up is possible, because it couldn´t go deeper. Also I know that it will never be good all the time.

It all gets over, nothing lasts forever. For me this is a reassuring thought. It means also that there is no need to worry and no need to fight, things just are worse sometimes, but will not be forever like this. The only thing is not to give up


14. I never go out without a sketchbook or a camera.


15. I need nature. I love to walk through the forest alone.


16. My filter doesn´t work good. The impressions of life are often too much for me.


17. I am very straightforward, sometimes I offend others without I want that.

On the other hand I need clear statements – I am not good in reading minds.


18. Sometimes I don´t know how to behave in society.


19. I do not wear jewelry , earrings, rings and piercings, tattoos, chains. It feels like foreign objects on my body.


20. I love to sort things in my mind and around me, but I always drown in chaos, especially when I work on different projects at the same time. I would so love to have everything clean and sorted, but I guess I will never reach this status – it is a never ending mission.


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Taken on February 13, 2022