Rough For Opera: Speak Red
Rough for Opera #17 Cockpit Theatre London 13 May 2019

Santa Bušs & company (composer)
FXXX BXXXXX & company (librettist)
Presented by Oedipa

Alice Purton (cello/vocals)
Heloise Werner (cello/vocals)

Eunice, Gerald, Haide, Isabella, Jawad, Jayne, Jesus, Joe, Kim, Laide, Nick, Pierre, Sam, Sandie, Yazid

With support from Carol Sacchett, Carolyn Bruce and Michael Dean at
UCL’s Division of Psychology and Language Sciences and Communication Clinic.

Speak Red is the working title for a project currently in development. We are a group of artists and performers with and without communication disabilities. Together, we are exploring how opera can be a tool for inclusive expression.

We are presenting a few moments from the story of Ruby Mcdonough. Ruby is a living American woman who has aphasia (we will explain what aphasia is during the performance). By fighting discrimination, Ruby changed the way the law works in the USA. We would like to tell her story from our perspectives, and share our own experiences with you too.
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