Steepest Hills of SF Tours I and II
[UPDATE: See Tour III on June 21, 2008.]

Led by Joshua Hart

I. August 22, 2004

II. May 27, 2006

This is not a tour for the faint of heart! We will begin by getting bug-eyed at Peet's Coffee, then attack the most grueling, hellish, wicked, punishing mountains SF has to offer - then by god we'll do it again! You may want to bring a bike with lots of gears - then again, you may not. Normally, we avoid the hills - on May 27th, we will embrace them! Don't be scared, participation is encouraged for all - don't worry we will wait at the top for you. Come on, it will be fun - or at least it'll make a good story!

Length: long
Difficulty: difficult
Extras: bring food and water

Lombard video
22nd St. Wave A video
22nd St. Wave B video
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