• Manuscripts for review and/or endorsement. That's 32 pounds worth. On the shelf behind are a few more.
  • Yes, that's an Apple Time Capsule in my inbox. Don't ask.
  • Lotr ftw!
  • I use Joel Osteen's board game to prop up this painting from behind.
  • I just occurred to me that it would make more sense to have the sets on either side of this one together.
  • Every time Pillar adds a commentary, it takes me about 15 minutes of shifting books to fit it in all the way down here.
  • This is the bookcase where I keep all the books I am considering for review. Except the bottom shelf where, for reference purposes, I keep the Complete Calvin & Hobbes.
  • Unlike Phil Johnson, I haven't had the least bit of trouble with my 27" iMac. It's a thing of beauty.
  • This cannon actually fires.


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  1. shroomAzoom 64 months ago | reply

    So, what is on the bookshelves behind the desk (at your feet?) :)

  2. PaulandJen2010 [deleted] 64 months ago | reply

    Tim--Love it! Is it wrong that I look at this picture and drool? I'm sitting here in my little home office/library surrounded by my books, but looking at yours makes me want to sneak into your house and hide under your desk reading your Calvin commentaries. That's normal, right?

  3. moffettman 64 months ago | reply

    You should submit this as a feature workspace on lifehacker!

  4. gty_phil 64 months ago | reply

    Sweet. Your bookshelves are even higher than mine. How do you get to that top row?

    Also, I haven't had any trouble with my 27-inch iMac, either--once they finally sent me one that didn't have a shattered screen.

    And my wallpaper is better than yours. So there.

  5. laurabeanct 64 months ago | reply

    Love this--thanks for the annotations!

  6. timchallies 64 months ago | reply

    "Sweet. Your bookshelves are even higher than mine. How do you get to that top row?"

    They're actually not as high as they may look. They're just Ikea Billy shelves. The only difficulty is in getting to the top row above the desk. If I stretch to my absolute full capacity I can just barely get those ones down.

  7. timchallies 64 months ago | reply

    "So, what is on the bookshelves behind the desk (at your feet?)"

    Books that are mostly due to be thrown out. Nothing important, anyway! :)

  8. Steve Galt 64 months ago | reply

    Maybe I'm not the first guy to ask you this, but why not arrange your commentaries in canonical order rather than by series? This way you you can quickly and easily access all of your commentaries on a particular book of the Bible without having to look or try to remember whether a commentary on that book has been published in a given series.

    Of course, the down side is that if the spines of each of the books in a series are designed to come together to form a picture, you will suffer the loss of that aesthetic quality.

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