Challenger 30th Anniversary Pilgrimage
Every year since 1999 the Canadian Challenger Owners Association has organized group flights on amphib floats to far away places. We refer to them as flocks!

2013 was the 30th anniversary of the Challenger line of aircraft so it was only fitting to flock to the birthday celebration at the Challenger factory in Moline, Illinois!

A flock of amphib Challengers from Quebec and Ontario flew more than 3,000 km up and over the Great Lakes then down the other side through Oshkosh to the party.

A solo voyage to the party by an amphib Challenger from Edmonton, Alberta racked up over 4,500 km!

Celebrants from all over North America arrived by plane, car, camper, ... Two ladies from Ottawa rode the thousand miles on their Harleys!

The February 2014 edition of COPA Flight featured an article on our amphibious adventure plus a great spread of pictures including the cover and the centrefold.

The feature gives a brief history of the Challenger Float Tours plus it shares very personal perspectives on this unique genre of aviation.

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