Abandoned Air Force Base (California)
Hard to describe how quiet it is here. This place is located in the middle of the desert about an hour or two outside of Los Angeles. It's almost like a ghost town. You go down a road and then you turn off (ignoring warnings about being hazardous to your health) into the base. Once inside I did not hear any sounds. It was very strange. The place was patrolled by a security company because there also is a large hospital (which I also have pics from) that is abandoned on the site as well. I was able to avoid these guys the entire time I was there - until I got to the hospital. After watching them from a distance for an hour I finally saw them go do another round around the base. I took this as my chance and drove right up to the hospital and hopped out and ended my day there.

This really is a beautiful place. It offers quite a bit of relaxation and makes you forget about the fast paced life just an hour away in the City of Angels.
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