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Maribel Caves Hotel (Hotel Hell) | by relux.
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Maribel Caves Hotel (Hotel Hell)

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the hotel was just about completely destroyed in a August 7th, 2013 thunderstorm with high winds knocking the walls down.


Located in Maribel, WI and more commonly known to locals as "Hotel Hell". Built in 1900, this is one of the longest standing hotels still standing but not occupied.


There are plenty of stories surrounding this hotel that have circulated through the years. Here are some taken from Chad Lewis' Hotel Hell page


* The building burned three times and each time on the exact same date. It was rebuilt twice. The first fire was in the 1920s. The last fire was in 1930 and everybody died in their sleep.


* Skeletal remains of some of the victims can still be found on the third floor and in the basement.


* Years ago, one of the hotel guests went psycho and killed everybody in the hotel during a mass-murder frenzy and afterwards he committed suicide.


* The spirits of those killed in the hotel have lingered in the building. This spiritual activity attracted a group of local Black witches who conducted secret rituals to curse the hotel and in the process they opened up a portal to Hell through an old fountain in the front of the hotel. This unleashed a horde of evil spirits that terrorized the town of Maribel. Fortunately, a White witch came to the rescue, sealing off the portal and confining the demons to the boundaries of the hotel and the surrounding yard.


* It used to be a spa in the late 1800's for movie stars.


* During the prohibition, the hotel was owned by Al Capone.


* It served as a hideout for Al Capone, and he ran a moonshine business out of the hotel and the water bottling company next door.

Underground passageways built beneath the hotel during the bootlegging days contain the lost treasures of Al Capone and John Dillinger.


* A little boy was playing on the roof of the bottling factory and was killed when it caught on fire.


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