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    Meet our new puppy. He needs a name.

    Like our six-year-old dog, Jasmine, he is a Weimaraner, but we expect him to grow quite a bit larger than our relatively-small Jasmine. While Jasmine is "silver-gray", he is called "blue" (an exaggeration to contrast the variation of Weims), and will be darker than she is.

    He is unusually brave and gregatious. He insists on following Jasmine, even when Jasmine rebuffs him.

    His eyes are presently blue, but that will change to amber as he matures.


    We have a naming scheme that any suggestion will have to fall within: Small plants, preferably aromatic or flowering. Spices are especially good choices.

    Along with Jasmine, we've had cats Mango and Dill. Though they didn't plan this scheme, my friends Meghan and Paul have a dog Pepper, and my in-laws have a dog Daisy, and Chris and Leslie have a (sort-of) (ha-ha) dog Peanut. All, all good names.

    Short names that sound nothing like "Jasmine" are better, to keep canine bewilderment low. We're not interested in clever names that need an "you know, like ---" explanation, or long names that we'll abbreviate. Two syllables is fine, three is probably too much, and one is best.

    So, just as we did for Mango, we need your help. Make suggestions below. Mary Ellen and I will decide in about a week -- around 20 May -- what name we like and fits our new family-member best.

    (on Black)

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    1. paletendril 97 months ago

      I really like sage!

    2. Liz AM 97 months ago

      ..... rocket (arugula)

    3. Pizzo's Wife Dawn 97 months ago

      He is so cute!!!!
      I like.....Raisin, Sorrel, Pepper or Pecan. I'm kinda partial to the
      "p" names because they're fun and easy to say. Pepper is my fav because of his color, but I guess that's already taken in your family.

    4. Alan Spring  97 months ago

      cute! cool eyes!

    5. chadmiller 97 months ago


      C-stamps' suggestion is our pick.

      I especially liked "Sage", "Chili", and "Hemp". Thank you all!

    6. NearHunter 97 months ago

      excellent choice. i really like it for him.

    7. shon.miles 96 months ago

      Just adorable!

    8. Pizzo's Wife Dawn 96 months ago

      Perfect!!! Good choice!

    9. chadmiller 96 months ago

      One question: The "favorite"-ing behavior about this photo is strange to me. How are so many of you finding this photo? What page linked here?

    10. cteresa 96 months ago

      I found him on the Explore page, right now he seems to be number 29 for May13th

      ( deserved to be higher, look at him! )

    11. chadmiller 96 months ago

      Ah, Interestingness. Thanks,.

    12. Perla* 96 months ago

      Hey Aster,
      you are a cutie and I'm totaly in love with you!!! :-D


      Please post it at "It’s multi-colored!!!" @

    13. Pizzo's Wife Dawn 96 months ago

      Yes. I found "Aster" on the explore page as well. Good job, Chad!!

    14. JohannaDooley 96 months ago

      Aster is so cute! if you by chance happen to get a new girl puppy, maybe you could name her


      it's hawaiian and it is the plant that men wear around their necks at wedding ceremonies. however in the native language it sort of came to mean "the queen of everything" which would definatly fit a new puppy. it's my puppy's name!

    15. Norma*Iriz* 96 months ago

      I typed in NAME in the search space and this cute little face showed up!
      ash... smokey.... jade....greycious...

      But Aster will do.. Hi Aster!

    16. culaso 88 months ago

      just "precious"

    17. Daniel-CR 88 months ago

      what a beautiful dog !!!

    18. Daniel Rocal 78 months ago

      Your image has been used and modified in the blog, and there is no attribute the work to you.
      I think you may know.

    19. chadmiller 77 months ago

      Daniel, thank you. There is attribution there, and the license allows for remixing. That use is fine with me.

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